Preschool Program

The purpose of the preschool is to work on social skills and experiences. Although the program is not intentionally academic, the students are taught colors, numbers, shapes, and exposed to the alphabet. Pre-kindergarten skills will be taught. These include listening, following directions, taking turns and sharing. They are also introduced to an early childhood catechesis by which they grow in an awareness of their specialness and foster positive concepts of family, school, church and the world in which they live.

• Age requirement: Preschool students must be four (4) years of age by October 1. If there is room available, older three (3) year-old students will be accepted.
• Birthdays: Please let us know several days in advance if you would like your child to share birthday cookies, cupcakes, or cake. No balloons or flowers should be sent to school. Invitations are not to be handed out at school unless the whole class is invited.
• Classes: 7:30 a.m. to 11a.m. Please make every effort to observe these hours.
• Clothing: All clothing should be appropriate for school and marked with the name of the child. Since our program emphasizes activity and freedom of movement, we prefer washable play clothes. Clothing which the child can manage without adult help is preferred. An extra change of clothing, including underwear, should be sent on the first day of school in a plastic bag marked with the child’s name.
• Health Requirements: Requirements for students entering 4-year-old pre-school are the same as those listed on page 14 under health requirements for admission. Records of those attending pre-school will be forwarded to kindergarten, and in most cases no additional health records will be required at that time.
• Illness: No child should attend school with a cold, open sores, discharging eyes, rash, fever, or if he or she has had an upset stomach in the past twenty-four hours. If your child should become sick or injured at school, we will try to contact you. If we cannot, we will call the emergency numbers you have provided. We will contact your child’s physician if immediate treatment is needed. Please notify us if he or she has been exposed to a contagious illness.
• Shoes that make noise (ringing, clanging, etc.) when a child walks are not allowed. No sandals or boots are allowed. Shoes must lace, buckle or fasten in some way. No backless or slip-on shoes are allowed.
• Snacks and Drinks: Each child should bring a nutritious snack daily. Drinks can be purchased on a daily basis at school. If your child chooses not to order through the school, he/she may bring a drink. No carbonated drinks are allowed.
• Snow Days: It will be up to the discretion of the pastor and the principal to decide whether classes will be held on snow days. Each parent will receive a calling post (phone call) as early as possible when school will not be held. If in doubt, listen to local television or radio broadcasts. School will not be dismissed early. If parents judge the road conditions to be unfavorable, they are free to pick up their child early. No child will be released to an unauthorized person. We must be informed by you, in writing, if another person is picking up your child.

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